About The Organizers


SagivTech is a leading provider of innovative technology, solutions and services for Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Code Optimization and Parallel Computing.

SagivTech specializes in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We solve algorithmic challenges in object tracking, change detection, object recognition, object localization and 3D reconstruction and provide robust working solutions for real life applications.

SagivTech also specializes in code optimizations for various platforms: CPUs, GPUs and DSPs.  We know how to extract the most from your target platform, being it a multi GPU machine in the cloud or a low power mobile platform. 

We are privileged to have a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable experts, with an established academic excellence and a proved industrial record. With this team of highly experienced skilled and professional algorithms developers, code optimization experts and SW developers, SagivTech is known for its innovative technology and smooth, efficient applicability.

We have tight, fruitful and long term collaboration with our customers and partners and are dedicated to providing top level service and optimal solutions.  

Dr. Jacob Cohen

Co-founder & CTO at SurgeonAI 

Over 24 years of experience in developing multidisciplinary systems with hands on development of advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms in leading companies.